I come from a long line of artists, and I was always encouraged to foster creativity as a child. Some of my earliest childhood memories involve painting with my grandmothers, taking art classes, and other various forms of arts and crafts.

I entered college with a declared major in Art (Graphic Design), but at the beginning of my sophomore year, I changed my major to Business Marketing. During my senior year of college, a professor recommended I look for an internship in marketing research, and I ended up interning at a boutique marketing research firm in downtown Los Angeles. I learned so much during my internship and enjoyed every minute of my exposure to consumer insights and data visualization. So, I continued on a career path in marketing research when I graduated from college. During that same year, a close friend asked me to design her wedding invitations, and I began working on side projects since that time while balancing a full-time career in marketing.

While my career was focused in marketing research and I enjoyed the intellectual challenge of understanding consumer behavior, I soon realized that I was working a career that was not very life-giving and was desperate for the one thing my job couldn't offer -- a creative outlet. In the midst of a few career obstacles, I saw opportunities to do more freelance marketing and design. I started focusing more on creating custom stationery, custom invitations, and other branding projects. Thus, Mimik was born! The response I've received has been incredibly positive, which gives me the confidence to keep pushing forward and inspires me to continue to follow my dream of building my own business.


About Mimik

Mimik Design Co. specializes in beautifully crafted, handmade watercolor paper goods that incorporate a unique style of calligraphy and hand-lettering. I seek to bring the vision of clients' unique events to life through stationery and invitations and to bring delight to recipients of Mimik paper goods.

Mimik offers custom design packages and customizable products. Mimik Collection features a full range of pre-designed, customizable paper goods. Every feature suite has a calligraphy element that is custom designed and incorporated into the final design. Mimik Custom Shoppe offers custom design paper goods for those who are looking for something even more specific. Regardless of a client’s budget, I bring their vision to life and ensure that each product is carefully considered, detailed, and designed with love.

The name Mimik, is my name backwards (Kimi M), but more importantly, I draw my inspiration from and desire to imitate the Creator through the ability He has given me to create art (Psalm 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.”).